Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and inconsistent in your business?

What if I told you that business doesn't have to be so hard?

It can actually be fun, streamlined, and automated?!

 It’s true! 

All it takes is implementing the right systems, workflows, and strategies so you can go from

REACTIVE to PROACTIVE and get more done in less time!

Let's Get Started!  

What Others Are Saying:

Light bulb moment! I loathe social and was always one to wait until last minute to post, sometimes not even posting because I had nothing planned. This course literally open my eyes and saved my sanity. Once I learned how to properly take the time out and dive deep into the content, I have everything planned for the month in just two hours without having to scramble each day just so I can get it done!


I was definitely overwhelmed by the idea of regularly posting on social media. It was so helpful to sit down and talk with you about how 1 hour of planning can make posting so much easier. Thank you so much for your help! I feel good about getting everything started. 

Thank you again,

Monika Patterson

simplifying social media
Kristin Kotzebue with Pink Clay Social and Forward In Faith Podcast

Hi, I’m Kristin Kotzebue,

After working with over 900 clients as a fitness instructor and online coach, I started getting asked questions about how I built my business.

I started teaching others how to implement my strategies and saw their businesses also get more income and clients, while working less hours!

Hustling is not the road to success. Instead, success actually comes from strategic planning that anyone can implement.

It's my mission to provide systems that allow you to get your time back so you can spend it on the things that matter the most to you!

It's time to transform you from an overwhelmed hustler ➡️ to an intentional CEO!